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    Every mortal has a gift given to him by God in Heaven, and all mortals have divine abilities embedded deep within their heart, mind, and soul. Without exception each individual has a choice either to exercise and protect those gifts and abilities or keep them hidden within themselves. Nazrus, a man born into a world of spiritual warfare was touched by the guidance and Spirit of God Almighty and given a vision from the Eternal Father to set straight the core and mind of a world that has not known the truth.

   At age six, Nazrus came face to face with death, and in that experience glimpsed victory while swearing allegiance to the Lord of Lords that he will accomplish a great and divine work that will forever change the way we as people think, live, and feel about the Creator of all things.

   What man listens to the cry of wisdom? Who gains the desires of the heart and manifests it into their own reality? It is the man that obeys the call of the Heavenly Father, the spirits Mentor and Sacred Author.

   Although given a second chance to show himself approved in God’s sight, Nazrus must withstand the fears, troubles, and struggles of a confused, cruel and twisted earth so that all negative is exterminated and the true Kingdom of God may be revealed. Not sure if he has enough time to show the greatness within him. By way of the Holy Ghost, watch how fate and faith collide on an epic life journey seen through the eyes of a common man that wanted to know the truth about God, Jesus, the Holy Ghost, and the eternal Kingdom. A true story filled with love, spirit, devotion, and triumph as only God himself can orchestrate…

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